Having the Facebook pixel on your website is one of the most important things you can do in terms of marketing on social media.

What is a Facebook pixel?

A Facebook pixel is a tracking code that tells Facebook which if it’s Facebook users visited your page or took a certain action on your page.

Why it is important! When you have the Facebook pixel installed you begin collecting data of people who use Facebook that visited your website. You then can go and what is called re-target those users with ads on Facebook. Even if you are not ready to start Facebook ads it is a good idea to have the Facebook pixel installed on your website as the more data you have when your pixel is matured you are able to target more people and the more effective your Facebook ads will be.

If you have spent any considerable amount of time on Facebook it is a certainty that you have been to websites that retarget you. Ever gone to a shopping site and then the next time you are on Facebook you see an ad from the store you just visited. This a Facebook re-targeting in action.

Having the ability to reach back out to an audience that already have showed some interest in your product or service is priceless. Especially in the real estate business as there may be many people who are not ready to buy at the moment but you want your message to always to be in front of them so you don’t lose them as a potential client down the road.

Some other things you can do with the Facebook pixel is create lookalike audiences. Facebook will use it’s algorithm and take the data of the users that visited your page and find similar users. You can also create lookalike users with an email list of your clients or registered users. Certain pages on your website are more important than others so for instance people who visited your about us or contact page you want to create a custom conversion and tailor a type of ad to re-target these visitors. The possibilities are endless with what you can do when re-targeting with Facebook ads.

How to get started installing the Facebook ads.

1) First thing we recommend is if you don’t already have is create a Facebook business account. You don’t want to be running ads from your personal account.

2) Once you are in your business account in the business settings page on the left column you will see a tab named pixels click there then click add new. You now can manually install the code yourself by copy and paste the code into the header of your website. If you have a WordPress site we recommend installing the Headers and Footers plugin to make your like easier.

3) Download the Chrome Facebook pixel helper. This is not necessary but recommended to see if you properly installed the Facebook pixel. It is also great to have to see what other pages have the pixel installed.

Having the Facebook pixel is the first step but you now need to know how to interpret and what to do with the data.Please look out for our next article that will discuss this.

If any of this seems overwhelming to you then please feel free to reach out to us to discuss what we can do for you in managing your Facebook ads.